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Executive Office Center at Peabody Place has been my place of business for over ten years. The professional, responsive and personable executive staff support is a vital component of my business strategy to exceed my clients’ expectations – and the Downtown location can’t be beat!

V. Lynn Evans, CPA

Graham Reese Design Group is a small design firm that strives for low overhead costs and maximizes outsourcing. Executive Office Center at Peabody Place has been and will continue to be a vital source for our organization. When we started our firm 8 years ago we interviewed Executive Office Center at Peabody Place for our administrative partner. As of today we are continually impressed with the professionalism and efficient manner in which our scope of work is delivered. Executive Office Center at Peabody Place has the abilities for providing our firm services for proposals, invoicing, packaging and distribution of marketing materials. Over the last 8 years we have been pleased with our partnership and highly recommend Executive Office Center at Peabody Place.

Graham M. Reese IIDA

Executive Offices at Peabody Place works for me. The Corporate Identity services are great for me and my clients. It allows us to have a presence downtown and receive the necessary administrative services in order to run a successful business.

Ron Redwing, CEO, The Redwing Group

The Executive Office Center at Peabody Place is an outstanding place for anybody looking either to open a new office or with a temporary need for a fully staffed and furnished office space. My needs were temporary and it was very enjoyable to have the same accommodations as to which I've become accustomed while at the same time enjoying the Center's proximate location to downtown activities and amenities. If I ever were going to open an office here, however, I don't know why I would initially invest capital or take on overhead when the Center offers basically the same benefits at a reasonable cost. If it is a close call, I would encourage anyone to get to know the people who work here as they are fantastic, flexible and fair.

- JM, Senior Corporate counsel with a worldwide technology company